3 de noviembre de 2011

I'm Back

It's been a while since I don't make new entries in my poor blog t.t
Now it's time to explain, (like it was my diary) what I've done the last... 3 months? (Dunno)
My friend Arien and me were making Evangelion cosplay, the reason is clear, it was that Evangelion is epic, not as epic as Tengen Toppa (I love it) in the sense of fucking great characters but in the sense of popular and little old so it was popular between the people we knew and older.
Leaving those reasons I think the serie is good, I saw the first serie with English subtitles (so I can improve my poor English) and I enjoyed both much. I saw the serie in my way to school, I really took advantge of it.
Okay, time to cosplay bussines, I'll begin with materials matters. It's true that I couldn't find the white elastic leatherette in my city but I was lucky that a friend of my, Sarai went to Jaen for holidays, I asked her to search this fabric in the shop of her town, and she found it.
Then was time to begin the prototipe of the cosplay, I mean, we first tried to do it in another fabric we got in home. Black and white leatherette. Reference pictures and patterns experiments...
With all my irony, let's enjoy xD

I took almost 20 pictures of Rei Ayanami to make the cosplay and then draw it to made it more clear, but for the details colour I took this pic.

My mother has a pattern from an older swimsuit so we change the middle of the back side so it has a little triangle.

(I put the pic of the prototipe so the color are opposites from the original and it's easier to see the triangle than when I was cutting the pattern in fabric)

The front side of the pattern was also modificated, the swimsuit are normally made of Lycra but the Evangelion plugsuit was leather, so I make a proof by the shape of the bra and putting bra rings but I didn't like it t-t so I fixed removing the rings and adjusting the suit. Then we cut a little part that goes in other color.

it's time to show the legs, and the true is that I had no clue how to do it xDDD I did a trousers and dressed up with them and the swimsuit above. With a pen I drew the form of the leg. Then I undressed and got a shower so it was hot inside the cosplay xDDD
(That's the result with the black "belts" I call them belts so I made it like belts xD)

And then my favourite part (that's also ironic) the sleeves, I drew them 4 times, I looked the references pics thoasand times but I didn't understand until I repeated the drawing 4 times xD)
Here the experiments!

(Here the first fail ._.u)

(the second fail, there's also 2 o 3 but I can't find the photos xp)
(The final result is obviously for the final of this entry xD)

The shoes I bought for this cosplay was another lucky more, I went to Granollers, (where Arien lives) to stroll trough the market, and we found them just for 1 euro lol I will not explain how to do the shoes because this is a Arien's matter, she found in one tutorial how to do it and was the first making the proof.

Oh my god, i'm writing for an hour ^^u

Bag, the fucking bag she wears, at first I tried to get the measures from a picture but it was impossible so I turned on the computer and traced the bag form from the screen with pattern paper, then I fixed with some technic drawing.

Then cut it in polystyrene.

(I made this in the garage, and still there are polystyrene everywhere fuck...)


The pattern

Cut it in the fabric yeah xp

The "result" still not sewed the sewing above, so the system it's like a plushie, needs to hand sew some parts.

(above view xp)
(also can see in the background the parts of the cosplay before sewing them)

I arrive to details, I know that there's a lot of thing to explain but now i'm tired and really need to see something "finished"

(I used this to made a black line in the leg sewing, it was as easy as sew it to the leg and then join the leg with the swimsuit)

(I found the buttons in a Chinese store (the reds ones) and I got blacks in my house, I painted the red ones to white and the black to silver, like this:

Go with the bracelets xp

The entire result also goes with the final pic xp

(I've got 5 or 6 pages full of drawings of the cosplay, this is the 0, this time I also used the computer to make them, I was very lazy ^^u)

Long time ago I put the pattern of the gloves I used for the Miku Sinchronicity cosplay, is the same pattern but the back side is baby blue, this fabric also have it's history, I swear I begin those kind of cosplay before so I can finish a months before the cons xD There was no blue Lycra in my city so I go where my grandma town and found it~~ But, altought it's not appreciated in the photos the fabric I used was printed with gold drawing, but I put the fabric on the reverse and no one noticed Xp

I bought the things she wears on the head so It was more expensive to do it handmade.

The things she were under the boobs are also made like the bag

The final photo (at last xp)

Tomorrow I will inspect my own blog, so now I'm tired and I don't know if everything is okay xD Time to go bed ^^