28 de julio de 2011

(it seems a letter xd) it's been a long since I edit for last time my blog, sincerely I hadn't been that busy but been keeping some cosplay things in secret so it was a request of my friend and partner cosplayer Arien.
This time i'm not coming with cosplay things so I dedicated my time to sew things for other people and for my BJD (ball jointed doll), it was difficult for me so the doll clothes are more difficult to do. I'm waiting for having some success doing this so I can sell it and get enough money to do my cosplay without worrying about.
The only thing I don't even know it's the price wich I must put to the clothes.

I'll put some pictures, let's enjoy.

(this a set of a jacket and trousers made of black leatherette, they are the first made in my life so they are a little short, and in my opinion needs some iron xD)

(this dress it's been made more by my mother than me xD (the doll it's not my, it's from Yuriko ^^ of course I not sell this dress, I will do another one ^^)

I would like to show the process of the clothes I make so people can made by theirself, but it's a good bussines to sell dolls clothes.

The progress (from other clothes) comes next time :3

Thanks 4 reading =D